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~ ScReW ★ Lyrics ~
~Rui - Jin - Byou - Manabu - Kazuki - Yuuto~
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29th-Oct-2010 10:41 pm - Lyrics Archive!!
Aki 'V' sign

So.. this was made to make it easier for you to find the lyrics you want!! :D

All in one place!

--> ScReW's AWESOMENESS.. over here!!! ^^ <--Collapse )
28th-Oct-2010 05:34 pm - WELCOME!
Konba wa! ^^ 

Hello and Welcome to SCREW_lyrics first off I'd like to thank and welcome everyone who's joined!

Now, I'd like to go over some things regarding translations, first off completion!

Translations - Completed

English: 20/57

French: 18/57

As you can see were are missing quite a lot in English ^^; so I ask of you to please contribute to helping us translate from Japanese. I myself do translations from French, so the translations needed which are below I will be taking care of the French- as for the Japanese we need help!

Translations - Needed

French to English: 11

Japanese to English: 19

Need Kanji in order to translate: 7

Along with these translations we are also in need of as many songs as anyone could possibly provide kanji and romaji. Either scans of the booklets or actually typed anything is appreciated!

Also 'I'd like to thank xrisuxaoix for sending me kanji for the following songs: Entrance to defeat, 裁きの庭, Answer, 幻影の鎖, VII CARDINAL SINS , Dyspnea, ブラックモンスタ– , Drastic slaver, Dust BOX, Ruin and Dread, Self-injurious, and 大きな古時計~PUNK SCREW ver.~ SCREW (平井堅カバー)

Thank you everyone! Take care~!


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